Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution, Strawberry

Natural flavor with other natural flavor. One liter of Pedialyte provides: sodium, 45 MEQ; potassium, 20 MEQ; chloride, 35 MEQ. No. 1 doctor recommended brand for hydration. 2x the electrolytes of leading sports drinks (Each Pedialyte product has at least 1030 mg sodium per liter; leading sports drinks have 460 mg sodium per liter). Designed for fast, effective rehydration. Pedialyte quickly replenishes fluids, zinc, and electrolytes to help prevent dehydration (For mild to moderate dehydration). Vomiting & diarrhea, heat exhaustion, intense exercise, travel. Find additional Pedialyte products in the baby aisle at most major retailers. Ready to use. Question or comments? Call 800-986-8441. Visit us at