Ocean Spray 100% Juice, Cranberry Concord Grape

No artificial colors or preservatives. 130 calories per serving. 1 cup of fruit (each 8 fl oz glass is equal to 1 cup of fruit. The USDA myplate recommends a daily intake of 2 cups of fruit for a 2,000 calorie diet.). No sugar added (Not a low calorie food - see nutrition facts for sugar and calorie content) New size. Same great price (Based on manufacturer's suggested retail price. Actual prices may vary). Contains 100% juice. 100% vitamin e. The Gilmore family. Massachusetts. 5th and 6th generation cranberry farmers. Working alongside 700 other families as part of the Ocean Spray Cooperaive. Farmer owned since 1930. Flavored blend of 3 juices from concentrate with added ingredients. 100% vitamin C. how2recycle.info. For questions or comments please call 1-800-662-3263. Please have the entire package handy.