Michel Et Augustin Cookie Squares, Shortbread, Milk Chocolate and Melty Caramel

Melty caramel. Milk chocolate ganache. Buttery shortbread cookie. The Troublemakers of Taste: Friends for life, Michel and Augustin said au revoir to their business suits and set out to chase their dream of making the best french treats imaginable. A gazillion bites later, the Troublemakers of Taste (as we're affectionately known) have brought that dream to the USA. We may be in a new country, but our passion for life, liberty and the pursuit of deliciousness translates trs bien. We've planted our flag. Join us on the adventure! Ingredients you could find in your kitchen. micheletaugustin.com. Join us live for our Open House at the Banana farm in Brooklyn on the 1st Thursday of every month, 7-8 pm. Everyone is welcome! Got an idea? Just want to chat? Call us (646) 820-0935. Tel: (646) 820-0935. Made with love in France.